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Caltrop Charm

Caltrop Charm

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A sculpture in silver committed to the beauty of detritus, and the importance of picking up after ourselves. 

10g of sterling silver

Available on its own, on silk cording, or Venetian chain (both adjustable 16”-18”)

Each piece is made to order, please anticipate a 2-3 week wait for creation.

If you need a different length or have a custom request, please reach out!

☘︎︎ On Caltrops

The nuts of the water caltrop (Trapa natans) have been littering the banks of the Hudson River since it was introduced as an ornamental species is the late 19th century. Now invasive and choking out indigenous river plants, the caltrop's devilish looks have proven predictive. But the caltrop never meant to harm its environment, and ironically is struggling in several of its natural habitats. So instead of making a villain of the caltrop, let’s appreciate its striking form and, while we’re at it, spend a few hours each season on the banks of the Hudson picking up seedsand pulling weeds.

☘︎︎ Silver Care

Sterling silver likes to be kept close, maintaining its shine with the oils from your skin.

It's strong and can handle the everyday roughness work and leisure can bring.

Silver does oxidize with water, perfume, and time, so if you like to keep a high shine take care to avoid the first two and give it a polish once in a blue moon.

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