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Holding Shelf

Holding Shelf

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Molded in clay and cast in plaster to hold all of your small and precious things.

Low relief imagery of a curly-haired person with their hands holding a pomegranate, pear, and whatever else you need holding.

Formed in clay, the original is then cast and cracked to make the mold.

Then, a metal skeleton is formed in wire and Plaster of Paris is poured to make the final piece.

3.25” W 4.25” H 2” D

Care and Hanging

There is a metal-reinforced notch on back for hanging. The shelf is light and under most circumstances does not require additional hardware reinforcements beyond nails or screws.

Most walls can hold the weight of the shelf alone, just double check the strength of your drywall before hanging (if its crumbly and your nail wiggles easily through it, get drywall anchors). Then put your hardware into the drywall leaving ~1/4” sticking out at a slight upward angle. Then hang!

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